Ancient Studies Institute

From Students

"Paul is the best -- a wonderfully patient and wise teacher with a gift for bringing ancient languages to life. I knew no Latin at all when I started studying with him; now, only a year-and-a-half later, we're reading Petronius, Ovid, Horace, Martial, Virgil and other classic authors. I can't imagine studying Latin with anybody else. And whenever I decide to start learning Greek, he'll be the one I turn to!"

-- Toby Lester, contributing editor, The Atlantic

From Parents

Paul Anders has successfully tutored all three of our children in Latin, and I recommend his services for any of your Latin students who want extra help with this difficult subject.

After transferring to Milton Academy, our son found himself in an advanced Latin class for which he had been inadequately prepared. Mr. Anders's expert but patient help was crucial in our son's successful completion of his Latin course, and he is now a student at Cornell.

Mr. Anders also tutored our two younger children, greatly enhancing our girls' performance at Southfield School. He is adept with students in the middle-school years and can make their Latin experience much more successful. He helps them to understand the abstruse points of Latin grammar and to persevere in mastering vocabulary, declensions, conjugations, and classical culture.


A. is applying to read French at University...Paul, she says, is the best teacher she has ever had and we are all grateful.


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